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David Duchovny's First Novel to be Published in February

David Duchovny is now an author. His firt novel, Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale, will be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in February. Duchovny describes the book as "a fable for adults and children" in the vein of Animal House or Charlotte's Web. A black and white cow white its legs stretched out is pictured on the cover. Read more... January 21, 2015

James Patterson and the Exploding Book

Once an ad man, always an ad man, Bestselling novelist James Patterson has sold millions of books and doesn't need gimmicks to ensure his next novel hits the bestseller lists. But he just loves promotions, so he's created an explosive idea to promote his new novel Private Vegas. Read more... January 20, 2015

Images From Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Revealed

The Harry Potter series is the gift that keeps on giving for Scholastic and Bloomsbury UK. The series has sold over 450 million copies worldwide and it continues to appear on bestseller lists. The U.S. and U.K. publishers now have an illustrated edition of J.K. Rowling's insanely popular fantasy series in the works. Read more... January 19, 2015

Boy Who Came Back From Heaven Says He Made it All Up

Tyndale is pulling the book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven from distribution after the author, Alex Malarkey, wrote an open letter saying that he made up the entire experience, and that he did not actually go to Heaven. Read more... January 16, 2015

Star Wars Returns to Marvel With Release of New Star Wars Comic Series

Star Wars is headed back home to Marvel. Marvel will release Star Wars #1 on January 14, 2015. One million copies of the upcoming Star Wars #1 comic book have already been ordered by retailers and they are all expected to sell out quickly. Read more... January 9, 2015

Study: Reading to Children Past Toddlerhood Increases Child's Love of Reading

Scholastic just released its fifth annual report about children's reading habits and it has good news in it for parents. The good news is that reading aloud to children makes children love books and become readers themselves. But there was a surprise in the survey results; parents can continue to influence a child's love of books if they read to the child long past toddlerhood. Read more... January 8, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Starts World's Biggest Book Club

Mark Zuckerberg just founded a book club. Today he posted to his Facebook page his intention to read a new book every other week during 2015. He says he will focus on books that help him learn about different cultures, their beliefs, histories and their technologies. Read more... January 3, 2015

Dick Van Dyke Inks Deal for Book on Aging

Dick Van Dyke has inked a deal with Weinstein Books to write a new book which will be released next December. The book will be called Keep Moving: And Other Tips About Old Age and will be published on the legendary actor's 90th birthday on December 13, 2015. Read more... January 2, 2015

Senate Torture Report Sells Out in a Day, Melville to Print More

Indie publisher Melville House has another hit on its hands. The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture: Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program -- better known as the Senate Torture Report -- has sold out its original 50,000 print run, according to Publishers Weekly. The publisher will be going back to print to meet the demand for the hot title. Read more... January 1, 2015

Barnes and Noble Buys Back Pearson's Stake in Nook Media

Barnes & Noble has taken the last step towards regaining full ownership of its Nook ebook business. The book retailer announced today that it has agreed to buy Pearson's share of Nook Media for approximately $28 million. Read more... December 29, 2014
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