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Click on the topic issues below to view the responses from our readers.

What do you think about the merger between AOL and Time Warner? What effect, if any, will the merger have on the entertainment industry, the media and/or on you, the consumer?

Have you experienced any computer glitches as a result of Y2K? Did you take any precautions? (upgrading hardware, software, changing travel plans etc.)

Have you bought books or other products online? How you would you rate the experience?

Will electronic reading devices eventually replace books?

What do you think about HarperCollins' recent purchase of Avon and William Morrow? What effect, if any, will the acquisition have on the publishing industry and/or on you, the reader?

When you purchase a new book by an author you're not familiar with, what influences you most? (Cover art, jacket copy, book reviews, cover blurbs, genre, etc.)

Have you ever been a part of a writing critique group? If so, how beneficial was the experience?

How do you feel about electronic queries and submissions? Do they help with response times from editors?

Have you ever encountered plagiarism on the Net? What are your feelings on this issue?

How do you find the time to write?

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