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  • New Version of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code Being Released for Young Adults (2016-05-18): Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is getting a new look and some editing for a young adult audience. The book will be released in September, before Inferno hits theaters.

  • Dan Brown Discusses Inferno and the Effects of Fame (2014-05-13): Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown discusses his novel Inferno, which is out in paperback. He also reveals his big scene in the Da Vinci Code movie ending up on the cutting room floor.

  • Ebook of The Lost Symbol to be Released Simultaneously With Hardcover (2009-08-14): The New York Times reports that the ebook version of Dan Brown's upcoming novel, The Lost Symbol will be released at the same time the hardback is released.

  • Cover Art for The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown Released (2009-07-07): Here is the cover art for the new novel, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. There is a blood red wax seal, the D.C. skyline and more.

  • Ron Howard Says Dan Brown Finished Writing The Solomon Key (2009-02-13): Director Ron Howard says Dan Brown has finished his latest Robert Langdon novel, The Solomon Key.

  • More Good News For Dan Brown (2006-04-24): More good news for Dan Brown: the 2nd U.

  • Dan Brown Wins Lawsuit (2006-04-07): Dan Brown has been vindicated: he and Random House won the copyright lawsuit filed against them by disgruntled authors Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh over The Da Vinci Code.

  • Dan Brown is Cross-Examined (2006-03-15): The British press is closely following the Dan Brown trial: each day the testimony is analyzed in detail.

  • Dan Brown Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Going to Trial (2006-02-27): The Observer (U.

  • Sir Ian McKellan Signed For the Da Vinci Code Film (2005-04-20): Sir Ian McKellen has joined the cast of the upcoming film of Dan Brown's bestseller, The Da Vinci Code.

  • The Louvre Says (2005-01-21): The Associated Press reports that the Louvre is willing to allowing filming to occur in the museum for The Da Vinci Code.

  • Tom Hanks Snags Lead in The Da Vinci Code (2004-11-18): Newsweek reports that producer Brian Grazer and director Ron Howard, the Oscar-winning team who made A Beautiful Mind have asked Oscar-winner Tom Hanks to portray scholar Robert Langdon in the film version of Dan Brown's bestseller, The Da Vinci Code.