Duchess of York to Publish Children's Etiquette Book

Posted on February 20, 2008

Tea for Ruby

Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, is publishing a new manners and etiquette book for children to be called Tea For Ruby. The Duchess will work with bestselling children's illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser, to create a picture book which will be published on September 30, 2008. The Duchess of York has published 26 books already, including Budgie the Helicopter which was made into an animated TV series. Robin Preiss Glasser is the renowned illustrator of Lynne Cheney's New York Times bestselling book, Our Fifty States and the bestselling Fancy Nancy series.

The Duchess says in the announcement, "I was raised to appreciate that there is a time and place for manners, not just for the sake of following rules but rather because etiquette and good manners show courtesy and respect. I've raised my girls as part of the royal family according to this philosophy. Now I can pass along this message to princesses everywhere, and I'm thrilled to do it with the brilliant bestselling illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser."

Here's the publisher's description:

Tea For Ruby is about a little girl with a marvelous imagination, who, though well intentioned, is not always as well-mannered and proper as she might be. When she suddenly receives a mysterious invitation to Tea, she enthusiastically shares her excitement with everyone from her mom and dad to the postman! Along the way she learns valuable lessons in manners from everyone in preparation for the big day. Will she be ready? Tea For Ruby teaches proper etiquette in a fanciful way that will appeal to the everyday princess: for the high spirited little girl who also knows when it is time to be a poised young lady. Ruby's endearing character will return for more animated adventures in future books by the Duchess of York and Robin Preiss Glasser.
Robin Preiss Glasser says, "I have been a huge fan of the Duchess of York for a long time. I loved working on this book with her because it gave me an opportunity to create a lovable new character, Ruby, whose foibles are a result of her exuberance."

Ok, this one is a must have. But why does it have to be a picture book? She ought to do a follow up with all the etiquette rules for older children, not just the picture book set. We know quite a few children that will be getting this one next Christmas.