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Is That Really Your Last Name?
(March, 2005)

by Montré Bible, author of Heaven Sent (Warner Books)

I have heard every joke and pun in the world when it comes to my last name. Bible. "Are you going to name your child King James?" they ask. No, I'm not. (No disrespect to any cousins that are named King James). And be that my book, Heaven Sent, is about angels only brings more speculation that I created my name for marketing purposes. It's funny really, but I opted out the popular family career choice in become a preacher. I just couldn't bare adding Reverend at the beginning of my name and enduring any more confused looks.

So where does a name like this come from? Did my ancestors read the Bible a lot? Maybe, but then again perhaps they were atheist from the ongoing ridicule. Bible is derived from the German last name Biebel plain and simple. And well, you know how things morph over time.

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Having a name like such has good and negative aspects. A police officer may be more apt to let you go as it may seem sac religious to ticket a person with such a "holy" name. When dating as a teen, parents assume that with a last name Bible I must be upstanding and worthy of their daughter. Sure stands out on a resume. I get attention immediately, especially at restaurants when setting up reservations. I always love when people ask, "How do you spell it?" That's always funny because when I start spelling I always feel like singing that old Sunday school song "the B-I-B-L-E that's book for me…" I can remember as a child how when I realized that my last name was the same as "The Book". I felt a slight connection with deity. How can a kid resist? I thought for some reason I was special, that is until I realized the negative aspects.

For some strange reason there is an automatic high expectation when you have name like this. In reality, it's not that I don't do wrong but when I go out to just "wild out" per say, I become this embodied nonverbal conviction to my peers that what they're doing is naughty just by saying my name. I've been told in the past, "With a name like that, you better be good" or "Wow, I bet you're a good person". If only life were that simple. If I do right, I do it because I want to, not because I have a positive last name. If I do wrong, well my last name isn't going to stop me. (not saying I'm the devil's spawn) But I'm not here to speak on morality either. I've done my dirt and enjoyed it despite my name.

Despite all the good and bad I can't imagine having any other name. If I found out by some crazy episode that I was switched at birth I wouldn't change my name and perhaps that's why most of the women in my family refrain from changing their name or marrying. A name like this forces one to stand up for who they are individually whether that be good or evil. A name like this can "make ya or break ya" as they say. And if push come to shove people pick up my book thinking it's some new version of holy scripture well great! I just got me one more reader. So I say to all those people with the last name Bible, Torah, Quaran, or whatever holy book you're named after, be who you are and be proud. Don't let it hold you back but let it be the wind to set your destiny to sail.

Copyright © 2005 by Montré Bible.

Posted with permission of the publisher.

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