PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites

by Larry Ullman

Peachpit Press, May, 2003.
Trade Paperback, 572 pages.
ISBN: 0321186486

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites by Larry Ullman This book provides a solid introduction to PHP and MySQL. The book follows the style of the Visual QuickPro series, which uses pictures and screenshots along with text to explain the two languages and help readers learn what to do. The book begins by explaining the fundamentals of both PHP and MySQL, followed by a couple of chapters on SQL, and then a chapter explaining how to link PHP and MySQL to create dynamic webpages. The rest of the book provides instruction for using the two languages for databases, web applications, e-commerce, cookies, security, content management and user registration. A companion website includes source code and demonstrations of techniques used in the text.

The book is written for a wide range of experience levels, but some prior experience using XHTML or HTML and some basic programming knowledge is recommended. If you have a little HTML knowledge and at least a minimal programming background this book can help you to quickly learn how to use PHP and MySQL -- two powerful languages that can be used to create unique database-driven websites.

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