Sell Books Online

You can physically take your used books to places like Half Price Books to sell them. There are also a growing number of places you can sell your books online in exchange for cash or store credit. Textbooks are some of the most popular books to sell back to retailers. The amount you receive will depend on the condition of your book and the demand for the particular book.

Here is a list of some retailers that will buy used books.

Amazon Trade-in - Amazon will let you trade-in items that include books and old Kindle E-readers. You get an Amazon Gift Card in exchange. They give you a free pre-paid shipping label to send in your trade-in items.

Barnes & Noble - Barnes & Noble will buy your textbooks through its Sell Your Textbooks program. You have to have at least $10 worth in order to participate.

BookFinder - Bookfinder will let you compare textbook buyback prices from multiple buyers.

BookScouter - BookScouter lets you compare textbook buyback offers from over 35 vendors. - is another potential source for selling used books. You can get quotes by entering the ISBN numbers.

CampusBooks Compare - CampusBooks also has a textbook buyback comparison tool.

Chegg Books - Chegg will buy your used textbooks. You get a quote by entering the ISBN, print a free shipping label and send it to Chegg. - eCampus will buy used textbooks. You can get paid by check, direct deposit or in-store credit. - eFollett is a campus bookstore chain that will also buy textbooks. Books can be sold online or in-store.

Powell's - The Powell's bookstore will make you an offer for your books after you enter the ISBN number. You can receive credit or payment via PayPal. You can also sell books at Powell's stores. Textbookrush has a textbook buyback program. Enter the ISBN numbers to get a quote. They offer prepaid shipping labels. - This site will buyback textbooks. They give you a quote good for 30 days.

Sell Books in Stores

Half Price Books - Find out how to sell your books at a Half Price Books store. This is in-store not online. They explain how it works on the link. They have stores in several states.

Local Used Bookstores - Local used bookstores in your area might buy used books. You will have to contact them or visit their website to find out the details. Local textbook retailers also usually buy used textbooks.