Sony Unveils New Wireless Ebook Reader

Posted on August 26, 2009

Photo of Sony ereaders

At a press conference yesterday, Sony unveiled its new wireless touchscreen reading device which will retail for $399. The device is designed as a Kindle killer. The device will go on sale in December and is called The Daily Edition. It has a seven inch screen and connects wirelessly to the Sony ebook store.

"We firmly believe consumers should have choice in every aspect of their digital reading experience,” said Steve Haber, president of Sony’s Digital Reading Business Division. "Today, we take another large stride to deliver on that promise. We now have the most affordable devices on the market, the greatest access to free and affordable eBooks through The eBook Store from Sony and our affiliated ecosystem, and now round out our Reader offering with a wireless device that lets consumer purchase and download content on the go."

The company announced a new partnership with the New York Public Library where all 29,000 electronic titles will be available to Sony readers. You can download a digital library book on the reader and it will expire in 21 days automatically. It's free and you'll never pay another overdue book fee again. The company now has three readers, pictured above from left to right: the Pocket Edition ($199), the Touch Edition ($299) and the Daily Edition ($399).