Stop-Motion Film Celebrates 4th Estate's 25th Year

Posted on December 6, 2008

The entertaining stop-motion film called "This is Where We Live" was created by Apt Studio to celebrate the 25th anniversary of HarperCollins' imprint 4th Estate. The film is a very clever way of showing many of books the imprint has published over the past 25 years. Apt says over 1,000 books were used to make the film. The film was shot in a North London studio. 20 animators worked in shifts to make the movie.

Apt also says, "The film celebrates both 4th Estate's output, and the world of booklovers: a world made out of stories. The film contains numerous in-jokes and references to the books it features, and everything, from the ships in port to the cinema in Soho to the man fishing in Central Park is made out of books, covers, pages and words."

Here is the short film :