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Here are the latest posts about Amazon on Readers Read:

  • Amazon Launches Amazon Charts Most Read and Most Sold Lists (2017-05-29): Amazon has announced its Amazon Charts bestselling books list. It includes fiction and nonfiction books.

  • Amazon Reports Big Kindle Sales Over Black Friday (2014-12-01): Amazon reports that its Kindle ebook reader and its Kindle Fire tablets have sold significantly more units than last year.

  • Amazon Issues Credits in Connection With Ebook Price Fixing Settlement (2014-03-26): Amazon has issued credits to customers in connection with the ebook price fixing case in which the publishers settled with the Department of Justice.

  • Amazon Editors Reveal Curated List of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime (2014-02-09): Amazon editors have revealed a curated list of 100 books to read in a lifetime.

  • Amazon Announces Big Fall Books Preview (2013-07-29): Amazon's editors have made their selections for Fall's top 20 big books.

  • Amazon Reports Ebook Sales Oustrip Paperback Book Sales (2011-02-03): For the first time, ebooks sales have surpassed paperback book sales at Amazon.

  • Book Wars: Amazon Caves Into Macmillan Pricing Demands (2010-02-01): The Book Wars began over Christmas when Wal-Mart and Amazon.

  • The Rise of BookScan (2004-11-08): The Washington Post has an interesting article about bestseller lists and how they are compiled by the various publications.