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  • Oprah Winfrey Talks New Cookbook With Stephen Colbert (2017-01-05): Oprah Winfrey talks about her new food memoir and cookbook with Stephen Colbert. She also shows him how to make anything sound fabulous.

  • Bridget Moynahan Talks The Blue Bloods Cookbook (2015-11-08): Bridget Moynahan talked about the Blue Bloods Cookbook on CBS This Morning.

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar Inks Book Deal With Hachette (2015-09-28): Sarah Michelle Gellar inks book deal with Hachette for food crafting. She's also launching a lifestyle brand called Foodstirs.

  • Paula Deen Releases New Cookbook Featuring Lighter Recipes (2015-09-21): Paula Deen has released a new cookbook featuring lighter recipes. It is called Paula Deen Cuts the Fat.

  • Random House Dumps Paula Deen, Although Her Upcoming Cookbook is at #1 on Amazon (2013-06-28): Paula Deen has been dumped by Random House. Her new cookbook, out in October is #1 in sales at Amazon, but RH is pulling the plug anyway.

  • Grand Central Acquires Cookbook by Chef Daniel Boulod (2012-03-13): Grand Central Life & Style, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, has acquired a cookbook by New York-based French chef Daniel Boulud.

  • Rachael Ray Signs Three Book Deal With Atria Books (2012-01-10): Rachael Ray has signed a three book deal with Atria Books.

  • Top Chef Expands its Book Empire (2009-08-18): Top Chef has been a tv phenomenon that has spawned a cookbook empire.

  • Will Zondervan Still Publish Kate Gosselin's Cookbook? (2009-06-27): Kate Gosselin has a book scheduled for release in October called Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories.

  • Emeril Lagasse Signs Ten Book Deal With HarperCollins (2008-09-06): Emeril Lagasse has signed a mind-boggling ten book deal with HarperCollins.

  • Don't Call Her a Foodie (2005-10-21): The Associated Press has the storytalkstalks to amateur cook-turned-author Julie Powell, who landed a book deal after blogging her experiences as she attempted to cook her way through Child's landmark 1961 cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1.

  • Cookbooks Your Husband Might Like (2005-06-19): Slate has an interesting article by Sara Dickerman who put several cookbooks through the "Husband Test" to see which cookbooks were most likely to be reused by a husband who was learning to cook.

  • Literary Novelists are Writing Cookbooks (2004-08-24): USA Today reports that several popular fiction novelists are now offering cookbooks containing their favorite recipes.

  • Author and Chef Julia Child Dies (2004-08-13): Renowned chef and author of many cookbooks Julia Child has passed away at age 91 in her California home.