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Here are the latest posts about Google on Readers Read:

  • Google Play Launches Bubble Zoom Technology for Digital Comics (2016-08-06): Google Play has launched a technology called Bubble Zoom for digital comics to zoom in on speech bubbles.

  • Google Book Settlement Faces Another Roadblock (2009-08-20): The Google Book Project settlement could be facing a new roadblock.

  • Copyright Litigation Update: Google to Subpoena Rivals (2006-10-10): Google, Inc.

  • Google Takes on the Libraries (2005-11-14): The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has now decided to go into competition with libraries.

  • Microsoft Takes On Google in the Book-Scanning Biz (2005-10-31): The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Microsoft is getting into the book-scanning business.

  • A FAQ on Google's Book Scanning Project (2005-09-19): The Associated Press has put together a FAQ about the now-infamous Google Total Book Copyright Infringement Project.

  • Association of American University Presses Furious at Google (2005-05-23): Google's plans to digitize all the books in the libraries of Harvard, Stanford and the University of Michigan and make them available on the Web (while they sell ads next to the content) has caused quite a bit of consternation with the publishers and authors who hold the copyrights to those works.