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Here are the latest posts about Libraries on Readers Read:

  • Overdue Library Book Returned 75 Years Later (2017-02-17): An overdue library book was returned 75 years later. The book was Val Rides the Oregon Trail.

  • Hundreds of Copies of The Diary of Anne Frank Vandalized in Japanese Libraries (2014-02-21): Japan vows to investigate the vandalism of hundreds of copies of The Diary of Anne Frank in Tokyo libraries.

  • JFK's Long Overdue Library Book Found (2009-02-06): Researchers just discovered that a book about Abraham Lincoln that was found among President Kennedy's papers is actually an overdue library book from the Library of Congress.

  • Hero Pilot Catches a Break on Late Library Book Fees (2009-02-03): US Airways pilot Captain Chesley Sullenberger safely landed a plane in the Hudson River last month.

  • Librarians Just Say No to Patriot Act (2007-06-27): Wired reports on librarians who refused to comply with the Patriot Act.

  • Dewey the Library Cat Gets His Own Memoir (2007-04-09): Librarian Vicki Myron has been awarded a $1.

  • Google Takes on the Libraries (2005-11-14): The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has now decided to go into competition with libraries.

  • New York Public Library Launches Downloadable Audio Book Program (2005-06-14): The New York Public Library announced that it is making 700 books from its collection available to members in digital audio form.

  • Woman Hits the Jackpot at the Library (2005-04-27): Reading can be profitable.

  • Librarians Steamed Over Overdue Books (2004-11-19): Beware the wrath of an angered librarian.